How to use customer data in Mobile Advertising

How to use customer data in Mobile Advertising

If you want to create an effective Mobile Advertising strategy, you need to know a little something about your customers. But how can you make sure you don’t get lost in all the data and stats and end up failing?

Determine the most popular device

You have heard this before – your website needs to be mobile friendly and responsive if you want to make a good impression on your customers. But hold on, not every consumer owns the exact same device, and not every device has the same functionality. An advertisement that looks good on a tablet for example, might not look so impressive on a smaller phone. What do you do?

Find out what the most popular device is that YOUR consumers are using – not what people around the world prefers. Cater for the unique needs of YOUR customers and they will love you for it.

Know how your customers think

The customer journey is super important in the world of Mobile Advertising. You need to know things like: how and where people click, which page on your website they like to see first, if they view your Facebook page before making a final purchasing decision etc. Track the journey your customer embarks on from start to finish so you can use this data to create the best experience possible for them.

If you can give achieve this, you will receive more follow-throughs on your digital advertisements. And your customers will forget all about those other mobile sites that aren’t up to your standards!

Keep your data in context

When marketers see that they have a bigger bounce rate on mobile than desktop, they immediately assume their Mobile Advertising has failed. Take a deep breath. Like we mentioned before, it is important to understand the customer journey, because if you don’t, the numbers might throw you for a loop. Research have found that people often do price comparisons and product hunting on their phone, then complete the purchase later on their desktop. So, keep your data in context when determining the success of your mobile campaigns.



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