3 Keys to successful SMS Marketing

3 Keys to successful SMS Marketing

In SMS Marketing campaigns you obviously want to accomplish certain tasks or reach specific goals. These goals could be directly related to your customers or to your business itself. Apart from your brand’s own unique objectives, there are three keys you should try to hit every time.

Permission and control

A mobile device is part of the personal life of the consumer – hence the reason why people don’t simply give out their phone numbers to just anyone. Asking for permission to send messages to your customers’ phones is compulsory; just because you obtained a customer’s phone number years ago it doesn’t mean you can now simply start firing away with texts. But, it is just as important for your customers to see that you grasp this concept as well. That means not abusing the relationship with spam or unauthorized contact and giving them the control to unsubscribe from your marketing efforts at anytime.

Relevancy and accuracy

Your SMS Marketing needs to truly reflect the needs of your customers. And you only have a few seconds to make an impression. If you are sending texts for example that aren’t informative or don’t speak to the needs of the consumer, your customers will regard it as spam. Also, if the content of your marketing isn’t interesting or appealing, customers won’t bother to find out or more about your product or service.


People regard their phones as “short cuts” to quickly obtain something they want – whether it is the ability to browse the internet on-the-move or to keep in touch with important people/ brands at the click of a button. Your SMS Marketing should also speak to this convenience factor. You need to make people feel that your mobile communication is worth receiving because you are making their lives easier in some way.

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