What is the purpose of a Bulk SMS gateway?

What is the purpose of a Bulk SMS gateway?

From a personal point of view, forwarding a text message to 20 people doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, when companies use Bulk SMS they do it on a very large scale and that is why a gateway is needed.

Companies sometimes send a hundred or even up to a thousand messages to their customers at the same time. That is a lot to handle for a single person with a single phone! Luckily, the Bulk SMS model was configured in such a way that a business can handle their mobile messaging without breaking a sweat.

From computer to mobile

A gateway is what allows you to send a message from your computer to the cell phones of your customers.

So, instead of typing it on your own phone, you can do it from the comfort of your computer – a big convenience for those of us who struggle with those tiny mobile keypads. Plus, the gateway can handle a very large amount of messages at one time, so it is not like you have to retype messages or wait for one to go through before you can send the next one.

And yes, it also eliminates the problem of employees scurrying around to find the company cell phone in order to get messages out.

How does it work?

Usually, sending Bulk SMS messages works something like this. You create your messages and your phone list in a document like Microsoft Excel. When you are ready to send your message, you can simply import all your data to the Bulk SMS gateway. From there you can choose what messages you want to send to which phone numbers.

Depending on your gateway provider, you could also have additional functions that you can use to make your life easier – for example automated sending, message storage, a built-in message composer etc.

Don’t make the lives of you and your employees miserable by trying to do your mobile messaging from an ordinary phone when you can make use of a Bulk SMS gateway!



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