What can I do with USSD Push?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) Push messages can be used to convey various types of information to your customers in the blink of an eye.

Much like SMS, USSD Push messages are sent in plain text to a recipient’s mobile handset. You can use it to communicate with your customers (or even your employees or stakeholders) about absolutely anything. For example:

  • A promotion or special offer
  • A onetime pin or password
  • Relevant company news (the company reached its sales target, you received a big investment, new stakeholders are joining the team, the company is relocating etc.)
  • Directions to your social media pages or website
  • Important info about your products and services (shipment dates, shift schedules etc.)

Unlike an SMS, these messages can’t be saved to the recipient’s phone. How is this useful? Take the onetime pin for example – this is sensitive info that the recipient doesn’t want to store on his phone in case his phone ever get’s stolen. In other words, having the message disappear automatically after reading, provides the customer with an extra measure of security.

Because the customer can just click the message away without reading it, some customers find this communication method less invasive when compared to actual phone calls.

Some of the advantages of USSD Push are:

  • It puts the focus solely on your message – no pictures or jingles
  • It is a very cheap method of customer communication
  • It all happens in real-time
  • It is fast and can reach your customers wherever they are
  • All handsets are capable of receiving these messages
  • It is a point of contact that you can use to draw customers in to your brand
  • It has automation capabilities

You really have nothing to lose by putting USSD Push to the test. Constructing and sending these messages is a breeze – just ask us at Integrat, we have been in mobile industry for years! Speak to one of our friendly consultants for more info about our products and services.



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