Part 4: How to start a Mobile Advertising Campaign

Part 4: How to start a Mobile Advertising Campaign

Measuring your success

In the last phase of your Mobile Advertising campaign planning you need to focus on measurement. This step is often included as an afterthought or only considered important when the boss starts asking for sales figures. But, there is no pushing “play” if you don’t complete every phase of your planning.

To quickly recap, you have already completed these steps:

  • Setting objectives
  • Identifying your target market
  • Choosing your advertising platforms and support media
  • Putting a budget in place
  • Setting dates for the start and end of the campaign as well as a schedule
  • Planning the content of your messages
  • Choosing who will be responsible for production and execution

You probably can’t wait to get that first communication piece out to your target market and see all your hard pay off. But how will you know if you are indeed successful with your Mobile Advertising?

Depending on the marketing platforms you chose and your objectives, you will have different tools available to measure the effects. It isn’t always just about an increase in the number of products that you sell. Things that you could look at for instance are:

The number of clicks, impressions, downloads or views of your Mobile Advertisement

The reaction of your social media community: an increase or drop in followers, the number of times a post was liked or shared, comments and mentions.

The number of customers who signed up or opted-out of your subscription list

Conducting polls/ surveys to obtain the opinion of your customers

Tip: Don’t only have metrics in place to measure the end of your campaign; you need to evaluate your campaign every step of the way so you can make adjustments if things aren’t working out.

This brings us to the end of our four part series in “How to start a Mobile Advertising campaign.” Have fun with your planning, and don’t forget that Intarget is here for all your Mobile Advertising needs!



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