Part 3: How to start a Mobile Advertising Campaign

Part 3: How to start a Mobile Advertising Campaign

Content and production

We previously looked at the importance of anything from having objectives for your Mobile Advertising campaign right through to knowing your audience and budgeting for everything. Your next step involves the content and production of your messages.

Three important questions

During this phase you should be able to answer these three important questions:

  • What will the content of my messages be?
  • How will I distribute my messages?
  • Who will be responsible for the production of these messages?

You have already chosen your advertising channels and support media and you know who your target market is. Now it is time to produce the content pieces for your campaign. If you have chosen SMS messages for example, you will have to write an appealing text of 160 words – in fact, you will most likely need to produce multiple texts containing key messages with different wording. If for instance you want a banner ad you will require quality images or unique graphics as well short, powerful copy.

Once again, you are faced with a big choice. Who will write the copy/ create the images/ shoot the video footage/ do the voice talent you need to make your Mobile Advertising campaign work? Who will be physically clicking the “send” button for your messages to go out according to your campaign schedule?

Will you do everything in-house with your own team, or will you give it to an outside agency? There is no right or wrong answer here – everything will depend on the resources you have and your particular objectives.

Remember: It is always good to have a hands-on approach, but if you have no or little experience with Mobile Advertising, it is best to leave it to the experts!

In our last article of this series we will discuss the often neglected but extremely important part of your campaign – measuring your success.



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