Part 2: How to start a Mobile Advertising Campaign

Part 2: How to start a Mobile Advertising Campaign

Dates and costs: In Part 1 of starting your Mobile Advertising campaign we looked at important decisions you have to make before you can even begin your planning. Let see what should happen next.

Getting your advertisement onto mobile will require resources, time and money for a variety of things. Some marketers only have their eye on the cost of sending a text message and forget that other stuff needs to happen in between. Where do you start?

Decide on launch date

When are you launching your campaign?

The length of your campaign will determine how many messages you need and for how long you need to display these messages. For example: a Mobile Display ad that runs for two weeks will obviously be cheaper than one that runs for two months.

Don’t forget to set a deadline for your Mobile Advertising material to be ready or you might have to postpone your campaign. Campaigns that are centred around specific dates (like Valentine’s Day for instance) could totally fall apart if your messages aren’t timely.

Set a budget and calculate the costs

Different advertisements have different costs, so make sure you select the type of ad and payment options that work for you. Remember to factor in the cost of your support media as well.

The other cost related to Mobile Advertising, is the production. If you are constructing a Voice Ad, you will need voice talent. If you are making a Mobile Display Ad, you will need a graphic designer and copywriter to make it look good.

After you have worked through your budget and schedule, you might find that you don’t have the resources to pull it off. Tip: look for cheap alternatives when it comes to your support media – the cost of boosting a Facebook post for example is almost next to nothing.

Now that you have all the boring stuff out of the way, Part 3 will help you focus on the more creative and exciting phase of planning your Mobile Advertising campaign!



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