Part 1: How to start a Mobile Advertising Campaign

Part 1: How to start a Mobile Advertising Campaign

Get the basics right. Developing a successful Mobile Advertising campaign doesn’t simply happen overnight. It takes step-by-step planning and careful execution. Want to know how? We will guide you through a series of steps in the coming week!

The Four Key Questions

You should always answer these four questions before you can start your planning.

  1. What are my objectives? Decide what you want to accomplish with your campaign. E.g. I want to sell 1000 Smartphones.
  1. When will the campaign start and stop? It’s pretty obvious that your campaign can’t go on forever. The length of the campaign will also be a big factor in calculating the cost and resources you will need to achieve your goal.
  1. Who is my target market? Knowing who your audience is, will determine your approach to your campaign. What will be appealing to this kind of target market? What images do they find attractive and what kind of lingo do they use? You don’t have to narrow it down to a tee, but don’t be too vague or you will miss the mark.
  1. What platforms am I going to use to support my campaign? Mobile Advertising is a great tool marketing tool on its own, but spreading your message across multiple platforms will help to extend your reach and prove enhance your credibility.

Decide on an approach

Now that you have answered the above questions, it is time to get into the nitty-gritty of planning your campaign.

Next you need to decide on an approach – do you want to “push” or “pull”?

Push Marketing means that you push information to your customers and cross your fingers that they will respond by buying your products.

Pull Marketing involves trying to pull your customers into your brand – usually with the idea to make the relationship long term instead of just once-off.

In Part 2 we will be looking at Mobile Advertising schedules and budgets.



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