Mobile Advertising: New versus old customers

Mobile Advertising: New versus old customers

When running a Mobile Advertising campaign to attract new customers, you always run the risk of losing the old ones, especially if your campaign is aggressive. What can you do to make sure you don’t scare your current customers away in the process?

Focus on quality over quantity

You can still push your mobile messages without spamming your customers. The secret is to go for quality over quantity. Make sure your communication contains info that is useful and relevant and that this info can somehow better the lives of your customers or benefit them in some way.

Make use of different Mobile Advertising platforms

Don’t try to rely for example on texting alone. Spread your messages out across several digital channels. Have a Mobile Search Ad, a Mobile Banner Ad, Mobile Text Tags and Voice Ads, mobile videos, in-app advertisements, Facebook and Twitter ads etc. You will reach more customers this way, but most importantly, your current customers won’t feel like they are getting hammered on the head with your mobile messages.

Make it worth their while

Whenever you are developing a Mobile Advertising campaign, you should always ask yourself what is in it for the customer, because that is the exact question they will be asking when looking at your message. Whenever there is some kind of a reward involved, people don’t mind hearing from you a bit more than usual.

Give customers a voice

Consumers like to voice their opinion, but they love it even more when your brand listens. When your Mobile Advertising campaign is over, ask your customers for feedback – you can text them a link for a simple online questionnaire. Ask them how they experienced your campaign and if there are things you should improve on. Remember, there will always be customers who are not satisfied with your communication, but giving them the opportunity to vent just a little bit will actually improve your chances of retaining them.



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