How the medical industry can make use of a SMS campaign

How the medical industry can make use of a SMS campaign

Communicating through texting can be used effectively in any industry. Why should the medical profession (private practices, clinics, hospitals etc.) invest in an SMS campaign?

Texting today is a much faster and more effective way of getting in touch with patients. A person who is ill at home, work or on the road don’t necessarily have access to email. You might argue that a phone call is just as immediate, but it can be very disruptive to a patient who is trying to rest or feeling too sick to have a conversation.

Texting can help patients and medical professionals to:

  • Save time and money
  • Increase service efficiency
  • Improve service accuracy
  • Exchange important information
  • Stay in touch during critical times

An SMS campaign can be used for:

Data capturing: Misunderstandings happen frequently over the phone because people have different accents and some also suffer from speech and hearing problems. This often leads to inaccurate data capturing. However, allowing a patient to text their information eliminates misunderstandings and can be cheaper and less disruptive for both parties.

Appointment reminders: Private practices lose loads of many every year due to patients not showing up for appointments. With a SMS Platform you can quickly send a reminder to a patient the day before their appointment, and they can also text you back to confirm, move or cancel.

The sharing of health tips: Patients with chronic conditions and those who are going through a major medical trauma often need a little extra tender loving care when recovering at home. Texting can be used for instance to remind a patient to take their medication on time or for general tips on how to relieve their pain or discomfort.

Sharing of test results: Test results can give way to anxiety and embarrassment and sometimes patients prefer not to receive the results in person.



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