How Mobile Advertising works for fast food restaurants

How Mobile Advertising works for fast food restaurants

Mobile Advertising is tailor-made for restaurants and fast food businesses. From mouth-watering images of food to redeemable coupons and specials offers, mobile can attract hungry customers to your eatery like a magnet.

Imagine this scenario for a second. It is almost lunch time and your tummy is rumbling. One of your colleagues recommends a restaurant one block away from the office. You quickly hop on your phone to browse through their menu, but their website is a hot mess. You have to zoom and minimize every single pic and the font is so small that you can barely read the menu. No thanks!

You search for eateries in your vicinity and a very appealing Mobile Advertisement pops up. Hmmm. You click on it and it takes you to an amazing website with images so good you want to gnaw on your phone. The contact details are present and the description of the food is clear as day. Within a few seconds you have ordered your meal.

20 minutes later you get a text message. It is the restaurant informing you that the delivery guy is on his way with your order. That’s a nice touch!

Later that afternoon you receive another text asking if you would like to subscribe to their mobile list so you can receive notifications about special offers and the like. The message also contains a link to their Facebook page. Hey, why not?

A week later you receive a personally addressed Mobile Advertisement informing you about a brand new special. Delicious! A while after that you receive a mobile voucher because you completed a quick survey online to rate their service. You couldn’t be happier – who cares about that other restaurant with the barely functioning mobile website now!

Mobile Advertising really is that scrumptious!

And so, through inexpensive but on-the-money Mobile Advertising, fast food restaurants can hook potential customers and turn them into satisfied, happy ones. It really can be as easy as that, especially with the expertise of Intarget on your side.

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