How Mobile Advertising and email can work together

How Mobile Advertising and email can work together

Marketers often make the mistake of thinking that they should stick to one communication/ marketing channel alone, when in fact a combo of channels provides better result. One such an effective partnership is Mobile Advertising and electronic mail.

Brands have been using email for anything from direct advertisements to newsletters and various forms of customer service. The biggest advantage of email is the fact that you have no limitations when it comes to content – unlike a SMS that can only take 160 characters. Even though email might not be as popular today as it was a decade or so ago, there are still certain situations where an email message is more fitting than a phone call or even a text.

But, no communication channel should exist in a silo, especially not if you want to grow your customer base.

Getting customers to sign up

It doesn’t matter if you want customers to opt-in to your mobile contact list or subscribe to your eNewsletter – you can cross your channels to achieve both.

Use Mobile Advertising to send customers a link to a subscription form for your newsletter on your website. Or, send them a text containing a SMS Shortcode and keyword they can use to instantly submit their email address.

When it is time to gather mobile numbers, send customers an email containing instructions for opting in to your mobile list.

Getting people to give their phone number away is much harder than obtaining their email address. The reason for this is simply because mobile phones are much more personal to consumers. Unwanted emails are after all much easier to block than unwanted texts. This is where you can use email to your advantage – you have unlimited space in your message to convince your customers to opt-in to your phone list. Tell them what is in it for them, how it will benefit them and that they will have the freedom of opting out of your mobile communication at any time.

Mobile Advertising and electronic mail is a “new school meeting old school” collaboration that can do wonders for your business!



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