8 secrets for a no-nonsense SMS Marketing campaign Part1

Developing a SMS Marketing campaign requires creativity and finesse. There are lots of factors you have to take into consideration and things that have to “click” with each other. Have a look at the first four of eight secrets we will be sharing with you.

Have clear objectives

“Hey, let’s do a SMS Marketing campaign to see what happens,” is not an objective. You need to have an achievable objective or clear goals of what you want to achieve with your campaign. And those goals should always be S.M.A.R.T – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time specific. Also, try to align these goals with that of your overall business objectives so it fits with the bigger picture.

Involve the whole company

It is easy to push everything onto the marketing team, but they aren’t flying solo. Everything that happens on their side will influence every other division – from sales to the IT department right through to the receptionist. Every single employee should be given the opportunity to contribute their skills to the campaign and should also be kept in the loop.

Clear call-to-action

SMS Marketing has little room for error. So you have to make 100% absolutely sure that your call-to-action is so clear that even a 10 year old can understand it. One example of this is SMS keywords. You might think it will make your keyword stand out to put it in a “quotation”, but if the consumer texts the word with the quotation marks it might not register on your side.


We know you have heard this one a million times – give your customers freebies and discounts to reward them for their loyalty. But did you know that there are other types of rewards that doesn’t involve money? For example:  sharing exclusive information and tips and notifying the customer when her favourite products arrive.



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