8 secrets for a no-nonsense SMS Marketing campaign Part 2

In Part 1 we gave you four secrets to make any SMS Marketing campaign hassle-free. Today we will divulge four more secrets that marketers often miss the mark with.

Make subscriptions easy

You know that you need to permission from your customers to send them mobile messages. Marketers usually leave this one for last because it can be tricky if you don’t already have a loyal opt-in phone list. But take heart, there are two very easy ways you can achieve this. Let your customers text a keyword to you (you can use Premium SMS for this if you like) or let them submit their numbers via a web form. You can incentivise these subscriptions by providing access to exclusive info about your products/ services.

Don’t rush it

On average, a mobile user reads a text within 3 minutes of receiving it – unlike emails that can take hours or days to be opened. This statistic alone tells you that timing in your SMS Marketing campaigns are pretty important. It is not at all like a wedding invitation that you have to send two months beforehand – texts follow very much the “out of sight, out of mind” concept. In other words: don’t send your texts too early, but also not so late that consumers don’t have enough time to react on it.

Understand what “exclusivity” means

When we say that you want your customers to opt-in to your list because you want to offer them exclusivity, we don’t mean that you should exclude any other communication channels in your marketing toolbox. The more platforms you can use to distribute your message, the more consumers you will reach. Give mobile subscribers special offers and let them hear about your promotions on mobile first, but don’t try and do all your marketing on mobile alone.

Know how to analyze

“Campaign measuring” is a term that a lot of marketers hate, because some things are more difficult to measure than others. The secret is to know WHAT you want to analyze in your SMS Marketing and HOW to go about doing it the right way. However you choose to do it is up to you – just don’t ever skip this step.



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