5 Ways your website could be hurting your Mobile Advertising

5 Ways your website could be hurting your Mobile Advertising

You have a killer Mobile Advertising campaign that ticks all the boxes, but for some reason consumers are falling off your website before making a purchase. Hmmm. Have you had a good look at your mobile website? Does it tick all the boxes as well?

It happens to the best of marketers. They get so caught up in the thrill of creating a killer Mobile Advertisement that they never stop and look at the condition of the “shop.”

Let’s take a look at the five most common mistakes that are actually scaring your mobile customers away.

  1. Your site takes forever to load: If for some reason your site is testing the patience of consumers, they will simply move on and forget about you. People use their mobile devices on the go and thus expect the same speed and urgency from your brand.
  2. Your site isn’t optimized for mobile: Trying to operate a website on small phone that hasn’t been optimized for mobile, will drive any person mad.
  3. You don’t meet consumer expectations: Let’s say your Mobile Advertisement is about a new product. When the consumer clicks on the ad, he expects to be taken to your product page. If he lands on an entirely different page, he might not even be bothered to browse through your site anymore.
  4. Your graphics are mediocre: Now it’s true that the size of the mobile screen doesn’t allow for big, “in your face” images. But if the quality of the graphics is bad, or if the user has to click and zoom to see anything, you won’t make a very good impression.
  5. Your site is “too much”: Consumers expect digital information to be easyly digestible – short, sweet and to the point. If you can do this for your Mobile Advertising, you can do this for your website as well. Clear away all the unnecessary info and pages!

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