5 Ways Social Media can strengthen your Mobile Advertising

5 Ways Social Media can strengthen your Mobile Advertising

Consumers spend a lot of time on Social Media, and as recent statistics have shown, mobile devices are becoming the tools of choice for web browsing. So, what does this have to do with your Mobile Advertising?

Mobile is the place to be

Your customers are constantly updating their Facebook status and posting Tweets from their phone. The reason for this is because people always have their mobile devices on them wherever they go. This provides your brand with a golden opportunity to be where your customers are. It doesn’t matter if you advertise on the social network itself or have a mobile search ad, your Mobile Advertising can reach your customers in the palm of their hand.

Your social followers already like you

People don’t just follow brands left and right on social media, because following a brand means that you will constantly receive communication from them. In other words, your social followers don’t follow you “by accident” – they already like you and they actually want to hear from you. Talk about highly focussed marketing!

Power in numbers

Just like it is easy for customers to forward your Mobile Advertising text messages to their friends, so they can share your posts on social media. A clever marketing message has the potential to go viral and reach a mass amount of people.

Fostering loyal relationships

Long after your particular mobile campaign has ended, your customers will still be on your social media. All you have to do is make sure that you keep the trust as well as the relationship alive on your social media. You can do this by regularly posting valuable and interesting info and engaging with your customers.

Real-time interaction

Your customers will quickly let you know on social media if your Mobile Advertising campaign is working for them or not. This will help you to make adjustments on the fly if necessary to ensure the success of your campaign.



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