4 Reasons why your customers will love Mobile Advertising

4 Reasons why your customers will love Mobile Advertising

Are you considering Mobile Advertising for your business, but you aren’t sure if your customers will give it the thumbs up? We can give you 4 reasons why they will love it!

It’s fast

Few communication channels can reach customers as fast as mobile can, because people always carry their phones with them wherever they go. Add to that the “you saw it here first” factor, and customers will only be too happy to receive your messages. What do we mean by this? If you can promise your mobile customers that they will be the first to hear about your special offers before you put it on flyers/ in the newspaper/ on the radio, they will most definitely jump at the chance for this privilege.

It’s simple

Everybody knows how the basics of a handset work, which means they will have no trouble understanding Mobile Advertising. Take a SMS for example: people use this on a daily basis to communicate with their loved ones, so they will have no problem opening, reading or responding to your text. The same is true for internet browsing. People know they have to scroll and click, so they will know what to do if they see your mobile display or video ad.

It’s fun

After a while, all traditional ads start to look the same. Consumers get bored very quickly and they hunger for fresh, exciting content. Loyalty programs, mobile vouchers, sound clips, mobile competitions and surveys, high resolutions images and pin-point messages are all tools in your Mobile Advertising arsenal that you can use to deliver unique communication pieces.

It’s interactive

From texting you back to clicking on links, mobile provides customers with the means of getting in contact with you in a way that is inexpensive and fast. Customers no longer have to be passive – they can interact with your brand and build a relationship with you. And they can do it all on their own terms. What is not to love?



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