4 Excellent Mobile Advertising strategies for small businesses

4 Excellent Mobile Advertising strategies for small businesses

Competing with big or well-established companies is hard for any small business. But, just because your team is small or your resources limited, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a killing with Mobile Advertising.

Research your competitors

It is always good to know what your competitors are up to. Imagine finding out that your biggest rival doesn’t even do Mobile Advertising – bonus! But if they are active on mobile, you need to make sure that you can outshine, or at least compete head to head, with them.

Quality content is king

You want to attract customers, not scare them away. And you only have a few seconds to make a good impression. Keeping this in mind, make sure that your Mobile Advertising is on point.

If you are including images in your message, make sure the quality is good and that it displays correctly on a mobile screen. Your copy also has to contain all the info your customers need to make an informed decision – from what you are offering right through to your contact details. And please make sure your links are working AND that they point to the correct page on your site!

Add that personal touch

You would be surprised to know that small things can go a long way in Mobile Advertising. If you address a customer by their first name in a text message, you show that your customer isn’t just another number. Always remember that customers like to feel special – and you can instil this feeling in different ways.

Reward loyal customers

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded! Customers adore freebies, discounts, vouchers and exclusive offers. Tip: make your rewards personal. Have a look at what your customer buys on a regular basis, and reward her with a coupon for that specific product. And don’t be shy to tell your customer why they are being rewarded – it will only enforce their loyalty!



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