Why Wholesale SMS can beat traditional media anytime

While both traditional and digital marketing methods have their time and place, Wholesale SMS messaging is hard to beat. It can bring something more targeted and specialised to your business. Why?

It’s less “spammy”

As a consumer, you can’t choose which ads should appear on the television, radio, billboards or in the newspapers and magazines. The same is sometimes true for email as well – somehow companies you have never heard of get hold of your address and send you a bunch of irrelevant emails. Ugh! But this is where marketing through Wholesale SMS is different.

Because consumers have to opt-in to get a brand’s mobile messages, these same consumers are much more tolerant of your texts. They know they can opt out at anytime, so even your direct marketing attempts won’t be seen as spam.

Clients WANT to hear from you 

As we have mentioned, because clients subscribe to your SMS marketing, you know they actually want to hear from you. While they might overlook the everyday traditional stuff that the media throws at them, they won’t ignore your texts. Your brand won’t get lost in the white noise. This is also means that you will get value from engaging with your clients through Wholesale SMS. In other words: this medium is just as effective as it is inexpensive.

A win for both you and your clients!

It is trendy

Sure, it is not like consumers have stopped paying attention to traditional marketing channels, but the younger target market especially is much more interested in mobile technology. The same is true for working professionals. These people are always on the move and they need your communication to move with them. They don’t always have the time to switch on the TV or open a newspaper. They are however, always busy on their phones, iPads and other mobile devices.

Be with them in the moment!

SMS Campaigns are less work

Unlike a television ad, it doesn’t take a room full of highly skilled professionals to create an effective Wholesale SMS Campaign. Anyone who understands their target market, mobile technology and has a flair for creativity can try their hand at text marketing.



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