The dream team: Mobile Advertising and Social Media

Mobile Advertising and Social Media are awesome communication tools on their own. But combine the two and you have a powerful way to engage your customers.

Popularity and cost

More people are checking in on their social media accounts via mobile than via a desktop computer. Use platforms like your brand’s Facebook and Twitter to create brand awareness and ultimately drive sales.

Plus, social media is so cheap to use, that both brands and consumers absolutely love it – hence why it is growing at such a rapid rate. Everybody is using social media nowadays, which means your competitors are as well. Don’t get left behind!


Consumers love to participate on social platforms. Even after your Mobile Advertising campaign has ended, a good number of consumers will still stick around on your profile. All you have to do is make sure that you keep it interesting and don’t spam them with useless posts.

Highly targeted

Social media can help you figure out loads of interesting things about your target market that will make your advertising much more focussed. Not only can you see basic demographic info, but brand followers love to make themselves heard. You will receive complaints, compliments and suggestions that you aren’t to when using traditional marketing channels.

Also, people who follow you on Social Media do so because they have a genuine interest in your brand. So unlike a television ad that targets millions of people but only impress a thousand, your Mobile Advertising will directly target that one thousand who matters.

Clever and creative

If you go about your mobile marketing in a clever way, people won’t even realise you are trying to sell them something. You can have unique graphics and images, copy, videos and cool competitions.


You can get results and even do your analytics in real-time. The result? You can make immediate changes to campaigns that aren’t working as well as you thought it would.

Combine your Social Media and Mobile Advertising to take your brand to new heights!



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