Part 2: Mobile Advertising: from visitors to customers

Part 2: Mobile Advertising: from visitors to customers

How can you get visitors from going: “hmmm, this brand’s Mobile Advertisement looks okay” to: “wow, I want to be a customer”? In Part 2 we are looking at more methods that could help you achieve this.

Work your Social Media

Many marketers make the mistake of thinking that their marketing channels should be used separately – when in actual fact you achieve the best results when you make a synchronised, multi-channel effort. Some of your customers might live on Facebook while others prefer Twitter. If you only communicate with customers on one of your mobile social channels, those that aren’t using that specific channel will miss out – and so will your brand. Don’t be scared to work your social media – that is how you transform one-time customers into loyal ones.

Be smart with your SMS messages

SMS as a form of Mobile Advertising is often overlooked because it is so simple and straightforward. But here’s a little secret: texts can be used to communicate absolutely anything to your customers. Forget about hard selling for a minute. What if you could send a text to a web visitor every step of the way – from welcoming the person as a new customer to sending instructions on how to buy and use your products? You can even text invites to an event or send voucher codes. Because a SMS is personal, it makes the receiver feel like you are talking to him/ her directly. It always ads a nice touch and shows that you care.

When you are using SMS for hard selling, never forget to include a call-to-action in your message.

Have a QR Code

QR codes are those little blocks that you can scan with your smartphone. The code usually contains a link that points the user to the brand’s website or to a specific landing page on the site. These codes are pretty cool because you can stick them anywhere – on promotional items, stationary or even clothing. This way you can attract visitors and turn them into customers in a snap!

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