Part 1: Mobile Advertising: from visitors to customers

Part 1: Mobile Advertising: from visitors to customers

Convincing people who see your Mobile Advertising to do anything more than simply glance at your ad, is no easy task. What can you do to turn visitors into customers?

Have a mobile friendly website

This one isn’t rocket science. If you have ever tried to view a website from your tablet or smartphone that hasn’t been optimized for mobile, you know exactly how frustrating it can be. After a while you simply give up trying to click, scroll and zoom like a person possessed. Your customers expect a smooth, easy-to-use and professional experience when they visit your mobile website. Make sure that you don’t disappoint, or visitors will drop off within seconds after clicking on your site.

Keep your content short but sweet

Mobile Advertising should always have a call-to-action and all the info your visitors need to make an informed decision about your products and services. Think this one through carefully – you need to walk that “just enough” line with your copy and images. Mobile users are fickle and they often lose interest quickly if they have to browse and search through content. Don’t forget to include your company’s contact details on there as well – some people might prefer to make a quick phone call rather than to submit a contact form.

Invest in Mobile Banner ads

Mobile banner ads can be real attention grabbers. Not having at least one will certainly put you at a disadvantage with your competitors. Again, make sure your ad contains a strong call-to-action telling the user exactly what you want them to do or what will happen if they click on your ad. Use strong phrases that convey a sense of urgency – you want customers to feel that if they don’t approach you this very second, they will miss out on a very cool opportunity.

Consider in-App advertising

In-App advertising is an optional form of Mobile Advertising that you can try to lure customers to your website. Just make sure that your advertisement isn’t disruptive to the consumer, or you might not get the positive results you are hoping for.

Keep an eye out for Part 2.



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