Mobile Advertising: turning searches into actions

Consumers are finding your brand on the web through Mobile Advertising. Hooray! But that’s not enough. You don’t just want to be found, you want to sell your products and services. How can you make that next step possible?

Target specific stages of conversion

Consumers who search for you on their mobile device, isn’t necessarily looking for an aggressive sales pitch. Sometimes they simply want to learn more about who you are and what you do. Thus, always having a “call us now or else…” call-to-action isn’t necessarily the best idea – it makes people wary of clicking. Have different types of calls-to-action so you can target consumers in different stages of the buying process.

 Keywords should reflect consumers’ needs

Mobile searchers have a specific need – that is why they are searching the mobile web in the first place. This also entails that they are searching for specific keywords e.g. “diamond wedding rings.” Your job is to identify these keywords and use it in your Mobile Advertising so consumers can find you first.

 Take your calls-to-action for a test drive

There is more to a call-to-action than simply saying: “Call us.” There are other elements you can experiment with as well – remember, not all consumers react the same way to all advertisements. What might be appealing to one target market or work for a certain type of product, might not work for others.

Give the following a try and see if it works for your brand:

  • Include your business hours
  • Experiment with different phrases that have the same meaning
  • A phone icon that the user can just click to call

Make your Mobile Advertisements well rounded 

Focus on questions that you think your customers will be asking while they are viewing your ad. You won’t be able to include everything in such a tiny space, but it will help you to make sure you don’t have an ad that has no meaning behind it. You want your customers to say: “Hmmm, I want to know more”, not “Uhm, what on earth is going on here?”



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