Ideas for your Easter Bulk SMS content

Easter is a great time for promotions via Bulk SMS. The biggest question? What do you put in your messages to make them appealing to your customers?

Not all brands have the kind of products or services that are directly related to Easter. For such brands it can be very hard to configure their content. If you don’t sell chocolates or offer holiday accommodation, what on earth can you do?

Start by thinking about how people normally spend their time during April. You know that the schools are closed and we have a few public holidays as well. This means that people are spending time with family, buying treats, going on holiday, attending religious events or concerts and having a good time overall.

The secret? Using a play on words and events related to Easter in your Bulk SMS Campaigns.

Try one of these lines:

  • Our products are better than chocolate
  • You don’t have to go on a Easter Egg hunt to find prices like ours
  • Our deals are egg-stra special

Give your customers something extra that isn’t necessarily related to your products. Include links in your Bulk SMS message to valuable content on blogs and online articles. During this time, people usually want to know about:

  • Recipes for family meals
  • Fun activities for the whole family.
  • How to keep the kids busy with arts and crafts – painting eggs, making bunny masks etc.
  • Interesting events that are happening in their vicinity – e.g. Easter Egg hunts, Easter plays, exhibitions etc.
  • What to do if they can’t afford to go on holiday – e.g camping out in your own backyard.
  • How to enjoy their Easter without touching their savings account

You can also have an Easter competition on your Social Media and alert people to it via text.

Get your whole team around the table and have a brainstorm session. You will be surprised what you can come up with if you really put your mind to it!

Feeling more excited about April now? Then contact Integrat today and get cracking with your Bulk SMS campaign!



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