How to impress your customers through Mobile Aggregation

Mobile Aggregation allows brands to combine mobile with things like marketing and advertising methods so they can give their customers a more satisfying experience. How can you make use of the services offered by a provider like Integrat?

Outshine your competitors

As inexpensive and easy it is to market via mobile, a lot of brands aren’t in the mobile game – either because they don’t understand it or they think that their customers won’t be interested. Do research on your competitors and find out if they are active on mobile – you can be sure not all of them are. There is a definite need amongst consumers to receive wireless communication from their favourite brands, so make use of the opportunity to sweep in and be the hero.

Push your products and services

It doesn’t matter if you want to drive consumers to your online business or your brick and mortar shop, Mobile Aggregation can help you to push your products and services. It doesn’t take much effort to write a mobile message and you can reach all of your customers at the same time – no matter where in the country they are.

Build lasting relationships

Of course, mobile communication isn’t about marketing alone. You can set up simple USSD menus for example that can function as a live consultant – customers can get answers fast or even order products from you. By making Mobile Billing an option, customers can pay you directly from their phones. And lets not forget that you can reward your customers for their loyalty with mobile vouchers.

Make life easier for your employees

Even your employees can benefit from Mobile Aggregation. You can keep in touch with your workers and inform them about interesting things happening at the company, emergency situations, new additions, changes to policies, reminders about shift hours etc.

Integrat is a leading Mobile Aggregation Service provider in South Africa. We are standing by to assist your brand in taking your communication and marketing to new heights.



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