Get trendy with Direct Operator Billing

Direct Operator Billing is a service you can provide to your customers so they can pay you directly from their mobile phone. Why is it becoming a trend? What is in it for your business?

It is Green

If you are concerned about the earth (which we all should be) you will love this paperless way of conducting transactions. No cutting down trees or destroying the environment to print bills, invoices, statements, envelopes, post stamps etc.

Money before goods

Non-paying customers can seriously hurt your business. Online businesses in particular often struggle to get their money from customers – the moment the customer receives their delivery, they suddenly vanish. Other times cheques bounce or things just simply go wrong.

With Intergrat’s Direct Operator Billing, you will receive confirmation if the customer will be able to pay you before you approve his/ her order.

You save

First of all, your business will save on costs because everything is paperless. But because the payment process is so transparent, you should also receive fewer refund requests or complaints.

It is convenient for the customer

The moment consumers have to jump through hoops to pay you, they start thinking twice about their purchases. Often times they decide that it’s not really worth all the hassle and they abandon their virtual shopping cart.

Impulse consumers can also really boost your company’s bottom line. Make it easy for them to purchase your products on the spot by giving them Direct Operator Billing. Naturally, the easier you make it for consumers to shop, the more likely they are to return and make repeat purchases.

Depending on your service provider or the application you are using, your customers could also be able to view their balance or transaction history. This will also help both you and your customers to save time and money.

Integrat offers Mobile Billing in the form of WAP billing, SMS payment options and Direct Operator Billing. Talk to us about mobile aggregation solutions that will work for your business.



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