8 Mistakes newbie Mobile Advertising marketers make

8 Mistakes newbie Mobile Advertising marketers make

If you are completely new to Mobile Advertising, making mistakes is inevitable. But don’t worry; we will let you in on eight common mistakes so you can easily avoid them in the future!

No clear call-to-action: Don’t assume that your customers understand exactly what you want them to do after they have read your communication. Should they visit your website? Sign up for a newsletter? Participate in a survey? Tell them in no uncertain terms!

Links that aren’t working: This is a very sloppy mistake to make, but it happens. Make sure that any links you put in your Mobile Advertising are working correctly and takes the user to the correct website or web page.

Lengthy/ complicated forms: Typing on a mobile device is a lot harder than typing on a computer keyboard. Never give a mobile user a complicated form to fill out – it’s not going to happen!

Not knowing who your target market is: Sometimes marketers try to do a generalised approach; a “shot in the dark” if you will. Don’t try to market to “everybody” in the hopes of reaching “someone”.

Using too much text: Users don’t want to click, zoom and scroll to be alble to read all of your text. This is a very frustrating experience. Make your content powerful without trying to write a page-turner.

Not knowing the rules, regulations and laws: Yep, all forms of marketing have rules that protect consumers. For mobile, one of those rules is that customers have to opt-in to receive your direct marketing messages.

Sending a message “just because”: Never send a SMS because you haven’t done so in a long time or because you simply felt like typing a few words. A message has to have a purpose, or your customers will feel like you are spamming them.

Treating mobile like a stepchild: Mobile Advertising isn’t a stand-alone medium, nor should it be treated like an afterthought when planning marketing campaigns. Allocate the appropriate time and resources to your mobile marketing if you want it to be a success.



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