5 Mobile Advertising mistakes that can cost you

It is easy to make mistakes when you are working with Mobile Advertising – even experts sometimes get it wrong. Let’s look at 5 mistakes that you should best avoid if you don’t want to lose money.

Not having measurements in place

If you don’t monitor and measure the results of your campaigns, you won’t know if (or when) things are going south. If you are able to realise early on that your marketing isn’t working, you can do something about it. That is, instead of continuing to pay good money for poor or no results!

Being obsessed with technology

Although being obsessed with technology isn’t really a bad thing for a marketer, it could lead to him/ her losing focus on the Mobile Advertising itself. Instead of chasing the latest gadgets and apps, rather keep it simple. Don’t bite off more than you can chew because you want to outshine your competitors. Rather focus on what your customers want and understand.

Trying to follow traditional advertising routes

It is normal for Mobile Marketers to try the same recipes on mobile that are working on desktop. The problem is that these recipes don’t necessarily work. Think about it. On a desktop it is easy to click away a small ad in the corner of the page that is bothering you. But on a cell phone screen, that small ad might cover the entire display. Instead of clicking on your ad, consumers will click it away and hate you at the same time.

Not being optimized for mobile

Mobile Advertising happens on a mobile device – not a desktop computer. Consequently, any call-to-action you put in your advertisement will lead to more action taken on mobile. Thus, not having a mobile optimized website will make customers drop off before they make a purchase. Remember: consumers don’t want to pinch and zoom.

Limiting awareness

Not marketing across all your platforms or lumping together more than one campaign, limits your potential to create awareness. Plan your Mobile Advertising campaigns carefully and thoroughly. Make sure consumers know exactly what is going on and how they can be part of it.



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