Why you should consider Mobile Advertising for your brand

We are often reluctant to try new things when it comes to our business or brand. Mobile Advertising is one of those things. There are so many people offering so-called “quick fixes” or “easy solutions” that it is no wonder that business owners and marketers take new marketing methods with a pinch of salt. Add to that how quickly any trend can lose its charm, and it is no wonder that brands aren’t simply just jumping on every marketing bandwagon that comes chugging along.

But, Mobile Advertising is no trend or quick fix. It is simply a smart way of marketing that will help you to communicate more effectively with consumers. No tricks. No funny business.

Even though the concept is still foreign to some, cell phone-based marketing is catching on. Whether your message is directly texted to an existing customer’s phone or a potential customer sees it when they browse the mobile web, you are sure to get noticed. Another cool thing about this type of marketing is that it isn’t only used to drive hard sales, but also to spark engagement and conversation between customers and your brand.

The digital side of Mobile Advertising is mostly focused on the Smartphone user because they are the ones who usually use their phones for Internet browsing. Smartphone usage is increasing around 20% plus per year, which means that a few years from now most phones will be Smartphones anyway. So if your fear is that digital Mobile Advertising is still a bit niche, you can rest assured that it won’t be this way for long. If you can get into the game while it is still young, you will have a major advantage over the brands that join the race four or five years from now.

Mobile Advertising also has quite a few advantages over other forms of advertising. For example it is cheap, trackable, virtually instant, has mass reach, highly targeted, effective and fosters loyal relationships with customers.

Feeling more convinced now? Then give Intarget a call and we will gladly get your Mobile Advertising on track.



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