What makes Mobile Advertising the cool kid on the block?

You might have heard a lot more talk about Mobile Advertising lately – it seems that it is the new cool kid on the block. But why all the fuss? Is it really the next marketing step for brands to take, or is it just another trend that will quickly fade away?

To understand the hype about Mobile Advertising is to understand the humble mobile phone itself. Everything that is great about your cell phone, can be emphasised through wireless marketing. For example:

Always connected

Due to the fact that people always carry their phone on their person, mobile is an “always connected” medium. People receive and read their messages almost instantly no matter where they are – at home, at work, watching the kids play soccer etc. They rarely switch off their phones. Thus, unlike traditional advertising channels, your customer can receive your message in the palm of their hand. Anytime, anywhere.

More than just advertising

Mobile Advertising can be personalized to make people feel like they aren’t just one in a thousand customers reading your message. Plus, you can do so much more with it than simply sell your product – you can also use it to build lasting relations with your customers. The branch of mobile advertising that consists of texting is especially useful in this regard.

Bells and whistles

Videos and MMS as well as mobile display ads can be equipped with some bells and whistles that will evoke an emotional response from your customers. People love colourful graphics and images that inspire them to take some kind of action. Unlike an advertisement in a magazine that is essentially a “dead” piece of paper, Mobile Advertising can be an interactive medium and therefore a source of entertainment.

It is a team player

Mobile Advertising is a great marketing medium on its own, but it plays well with others too. You can use it to drive traffic to your website/ store, or to inform customers about things that are happening on your Social Media channels.

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