The pros and cons of Mobile Advertising

As with any type of marketing, Mobile Advertising also has its pros and cons. The good news is that the pros outweighs the cons. So, what exactly are we looking at?

The Advantages

Instant reach: Customers always carry their mobile phones with them, which means instant reach and instant response on your marketing message. Plus, you can reach a mass amount of users all at the same time.

Low cost: Unlike traditional advertising mediums, Mobile Advertising is relatively cheap and comes with a range of options that differ in price. This means that small businesses and entrepreneurs aren’t excluded. There is something for every budget.

Convenient to use: Creating content for mobile is much easier (and cheaper!). A brand can keep things simple without having to worry that customers will literally throw away or overlook their communication attempts. In fact, users can carry the info with them until they are ready to respond.

Potential to go viral: Because Mobile Marketing is a form of mass communication, it has the potential to go viral. Mobile users love to share and forward interesting or delightful texts, videos and images with their friends and family.

Insightful analytics: You can easily track and analyse what happens with your Mobile Advertisement. Just to name one: you can see where in the world a mobile user resides. This useful and accurate insight into mobile user behaviour will help you to create highly targeted messages.

The Disadvantages

Too diverse: Mobile Phones come in different shapes and sizes, which makes it harder to pinpoint a “standard” for mobile marketing messages. Also, not every person uses the same browser on their phone.

Mobile phone’s unique problems: Navigating on the mobile screen can be tough because it is so much smaller than a laptop screen. It can create a minefield of problems for marketers who not yet experienced in Mobile Advertising.

Privacy issues: It is easy for brands to forget that a customer’s phone is her personal space. There is a very thin line between what is acceptable for the customer and what is not. Overstepping your bounds can result in the loss (instead of gain) of customers.



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