Spread the love with Bulk SMS marketing

It’s February and everybody is getting ready for the next big thing on the calendar: Valentine’s Day. The competition is fierce and the time is limited. How can you make sure that your brand’s voice is heard? With Bulk SMS marketing!

Love it or hate it, but Valentine’s is a big deal for restaurants, jewellery shops, the clothing and perfume industry, chocolate manufacturers, florists – you name it. But what makes this day a little different than Christmas for instance, is that the hype doesn’t begin three months in advance. Your brand has a few weeks tops to get your message across while making sure it doesn’t get lost in all the marketing noise. You need a medium that is fast and on the money – like Bulk SMS.

You can count on the fact that consumers are just as pressed for time. Last minute gifts will be bought and those who ordered products in advance will want insurance that their gifts will be delivered to their loved ones in time. Having staff scramble to help impatient customers on the phone and in your shop could lead to mistakes or delayed customer service – and yes, grumpy customers.

Why not try thing a bit different this year. Try it the mobile way.

Use Bulk SMS marketing to:

  • Inform people of exclusive Valentine’s Day specials.
  • Notify your customers that you will be open a few hours later on 13 February for emergency Valentine’s shopping.
  • Invite people to order your products or make use of your services by texting you.
  • Keep customers in the loop about their purchase orders. Confirm that you received the order and payment, and then let them know when the delivery is in transit.
  • Instruct people how to use your product. A florist for instance can text a few tips and instructions on how to care for the specific flowers that a customer ordered.
  • Remind people how to go about exchanging a product they are not happy with.
  • Wish your customers a happy Valentine’s Day.

Who would have thought that something as simple as Bulk SMS marketing could be so versatile? Go on, try it for yourself!



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