Mobile advertising is here to stay

Mobile advertising is here to stay

With new apps and features being launched on mobile devices every day and millions of people are reachable directly in their pockets, it’s no wonder than mobile advertising is becoming a major part in marketing. Marketing over mobile devices is increasing year on year and it doesn’t look like it will be stopping any time soon. The market is open and there are many opportunities you can grab by implementing a mobile advertising strategy.

To give a simple example; Peter is running a hardware business in Johannesburg and was looking for ways on how he could expand his business. Yes he could have joined a variety of networking groups for new ideas within the Johannesburg region, but he did it differently. He wanted to find a method of delivering hardware anywhere in Johannesburg that is cost effective and that will help him expand his business.

Peter began studying marketing trends and he noticed a lot of ads on his smartphone while doing research. He then realised that he should maybe try to advertise via mobile so he started with a campaign and began running it through various mobile advertising networks. Peter had forgotten his son’s birthday and when his wife texted him a remind of the birthday, he started to stress, when all of a sudden his ad pops up. He immediately ordered and before he arrived home, a new toolbox that his son wanted had arrived. This is smart and this is how it works. Solving everyday problems with the ease of a mobile device.

Mobile advertising is full of opportunities

Even though the example above might be a bit dramatic, just image all the opportunities with marketing through this medium. Your business can achieve great success with mobile messaging or various other mobile ads. This is the core of mobile advertising and it can help you with your current marketing campaigns. With more sophisticated devices being launched everyday, now is the right time to start advertising through this medium before your competitors jumps on the bandwagon.

More people have cellular phones than computers. This makes it another prime opportunity to market your products and services to these people. Mobile advertising can be implemented in many creative ways like on various mobile apps, search engines, instant messaging, etc. Start optimising your marketing campaign so you can start generating a return through your marketing methods.



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