Mobile Advertising: Banners and Smartphones

If you are looking to get Mobile Advertising in the form of Banner ads, your best target market will be Smartphone users.

Banner ads work great for Smartphones. Brands who want to make use of this for their mobile marketing campaigns will be able to achieve successful results. It allows you to use colour and small images to your advantage, so it is much more than just a simple piece of text.

What makes a Smartphone great is that it allows the user more functionalities and a higher level of interaction with the device. This will, from a marketing perspective, allow consumers more interaction with your brand as well. These phones aren’t simply used to send and receive calls and texts, but also to browse the Internet, download apps, stream videos, play games, shop and pay for goods online etc. Thus, brands will be able to build more elaborate campaigns that will entertain and entice potential consumers into becoming loyal customers.

There are also thousands of websites out there that are banner ad friendly. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a Mobile Advertising Network that caters specifically for these ads.

Now it is true that banner ads don’t work so great on ordinary feature phones, but there has been a significant rise in the adoption of Smartphones all over the world. Thus, it won’t be long until ordinary feature phones are no longer on the market.

The reason for this slow adoption is due to the cost of a Smartphone. You could say that in South Africa it would be mainly consumers from higher income groups who own such devices. Of course if these consumers are your target market, you don’t even have to think twice about choosing banners for your Mobile Advertising. If you are targeting lower income groups who are less likely to own a Smartphones, you should consider other forms of Mobile Advertising like USSD, MMS and SMS.

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