Mobile advertising in 2015

Mobile advertising in 2015

Mobile devices are getting more popular by the day and each one that is launched has more advanced features than the previous version. This makes these devices useful in our daily lives. On a daily basis you will find me browsing the internet, reading various product reviews, catching up on the latest news items, playing a game or two and engaging in my social circles through my smartphone.

Smartphones are so much more than just a device you can use to call someone. It’s an always on always connected device and a gateway to the online universe. The growth and trend of smartphones is staggering and there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon. This is causing many brands to morph their current marketing campaigns to be mobile, ready to support their business goals.

Still a bit skeptical if you should start with a mobile advertising strategy? Read a couple of facts below on why this medium shouldn’t be ignored.

What is mobile advertising?

One mobile advertising method widely used is text messaging, where you can basically advertise your services, products, vouchers, etc. by the means of a text message. There are various ways you can build your text messaging database; it’s similar to email marketing where you can run campaigns, where your target audience needs to submit their mobile numbers to get updates, win something or to subscribe to the database. Once they are subscribed, they will receive a message asking them to confirm their subscription by replying to the text message – this is known as a double opt in. Once they have confirmed their subscription, they are added to the database and you can start marketing to them.

Advantages of mobile advertising

  • Real time results: With mobile advertising you can get real time results and you don’t have to wait long to see if your campaign is actually making an impact. Once the sms is sent the recipient should receive their message immediately and because it’s mobile and they are notified of incoming messages, they can’t ignore them. This means that a large number of recipients will receive and respond to these messages immediately.
  • Can be used in any market: With mobile advertising you are not restricted to a specific market. This medium of advertising can be used basically for any type of business, whether you are wanting to generate more reach, awareness and/or sales.
  • It’s cost effective: Mobile advertising is extremely cost effective compared to other advertising methods. You don’t have to spend thousands on equipment and infrastructure to start with a campaign. There are many third party agencies such as InTarget that specialize in mobile advertising that can run the whole campaign for you.

Mobile advertising can help many brands increase exposure, sales and support their current marketing activities. Start your mobile advertising campaign today by contacting us.



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