How to drive a successful Mobile Voucher reward campaign

Clipping coupons out of newspapers is something people rarely do these days. Just like all things moving over to digital, so has coupons and vouchers. Think about it: when is the last time you actually saw some purchase their Airtime Voucher from a store instead of topping it up over the phone?

Yep, so when you want to reward your customer with a voucher, you are going to do it over mobile, not with a card in the mail. We can all agree on this.

The next question is: how will you launch a successful campaign with Mobile Vouchers as a reward. Would people even want such a reward?

Create the need

Start by creating a need in your consumers to receive this reward. Take an Airtime Voucher for example. It could be anything from keeping them in touch with grandma who lives at the other end of the earth, to helping them stay on top of gossip and trends with their friends. Do your best to tie your reward to your own services so it will make sense to the customer. For example: A hospital with a SMS helpline could give away airtime vouchers to patients leaving the hospital so these patients will have quick access to help should something happen to them at home.

Be specific

Don’t skimp on the wording of your Mobile Vouchers. Being specific will give more power to the consumer’s need. People will rather react on a message that reads “get R5 off your next purchase” than one that simply says “text us for a coupon.” The latter immediately makes you think that such a coupon can’t be worth much if they don’t even put a price on it.

Pick your time

When you customer is in the vicinity of your shop or could have the need for your products, send them your voucher. Sending people a discount for ice cream at 6 o’clock in the morning won’t yield any results. But if they receive it on a hot afternoon, they will be more likely to redeem it.

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