Common SMS Marketing mistakes and how to fix them Part 2

How difficult can SMS Marketing be? Well, it is fairly easy actually, but that doesn’t imply that you can’t make mistakes or use it in the wrong way. The following common mistakes are best to be avoided.

Not providing an Opt-out option

Not only will this drive customers insane who no longer wish to receive your messages (resulting in the boycott of your business) but it will land you in hot water. According to the WASPA guidelines, you must always give your subscribers an opt-out option.

The solution: Tell customers that they can reply “stop” or “no” at the end of your text.

 Spamming your customers

You are excited about your products/ services and you can probably talk about it all day long. Unfortunately you can’t apply that to SMS Marketing. If you send too many texts, customers will get annoyed and angry and unsubscribe from your list. Always remember that you are entering your customer’s personal space by texting them.

The solution: How many is too many? Put the shoe on the other foot and ask yourself: How many times a week would I want to hear from MY favourite brand?

Not telling your customers what action to take

Your customer opens your SMS Marketing message and all it says is: “Summer sale now on.” Your customer is most likely thinking: “Okay, so what?” Why? Because you didn’t tell her what to do with the info. Should she visit your store or order the goods on your website? Oops, you just wasted a golden opportunity!

The solution: provide a clear call-to-action telling your customer exactly how to respond to your message.

 Just focusing on hard-selling

Even if your objective is to sell, you shouldn’t make it so blatantly obvious by only sending hard-selling messages. Customers quickly grow tired of this.

The solution: Mix it up. Send a text every now and then containing valuable information, a reward or a special message. It will make clients feel more valued.



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