Common SMS Marketing mistakes and how to fix them Part 1

Mistakes are part of life, but when it comes to you business, unnecessary mistakes can affect your bottom line. We take a look at a few common SMS Marketing mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Not telling customers who you are

You might put your company’s name in your texts the first few times, but then you either forget to do it again (you assume your customers know who you are by now) or you simply don’t have enough characters to spare for a name. Don’t assume the message receiver automatically knows the message is from you.

The solution: If your problem is that your business has a lengthy name, simply shorten it. E.g. “Johnny’s Car Repairs” can become “JCR”.

Sending out error-filled messages

Spelling and grammar might not seem like a priority for SMS Marketing, but it could actually make customers opt out of your messages. It creates a bad image if you don’t pay attention to details. Who wants to spend their hard earned money at a company that can’t even spell – how will their service be?

The solution: Always double check your texts before you send them out. Having a second pair of eyes to scan your messages, is a must.

Not using all the marketing tools in your arsenal

Okay, so you might think that running a SMS Marketing campaign across all your channels, defeats the purpose of it being a mobile based campaign. While there might be seem truth to this, the actual mistake you are making is creating exclusivity – and not in a good way. The only people who will benefit from a SMS-only campaign, is those who have already opted in – aka your current customers. You won’t get any new or potential customers to sign up if they aren’t even aware of your campaigns.

The solution: Always use your Social Media channels, website and email messaging in collaboration with your text marketing. Tell your customers what is going on in the mobile front and invite them to subscribe to your contact list.



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