Use Wholesale SMS to collect your payments

Are you still trying to get your payments from clients the paper-based way? Step into the 21ste century and use Wholesale SMS to easily send mobile statements right to your customers’ phones.

If you have been relying on snail mail to communicate with your clients, the recent post office strikes must have been extremely frustrating. And who knows when (or how many times) it will happen again. The country’s electricity problems aren’t helping either, because emails and faxes can’t work without power.

But there is no need to struggle and lose money and sleep because your statements, invoices or other documents don’t reach your clients in time. Wholesale SMS will take care of this in a way that is both cheap and very efficient.

Customers on the lower end of the LSM scale might not always have access to emails. Those with browser capabilities on their phones are more likely to spend their money on airtime than data for browsing. Also, they often live in areas that don’t have a fixed address, making it difficult for them to receive any paper-based communication.

Mobile communication benefits both the customer and the brand. Customers can receive their statements in a way that suits them best, and the business can have a better grip on their communication processes.

Why waste money on printing and postage costs when Wholesale SMS is cheap and trackable? Yes, you can actually see if your customers are receiving your texts, unlike a letter in the mail. It also eliminates the human error factor – mail gets lost, addresses are written down incorrectly etc. If for some reason your mobile statement doesn’t make it to your customer’s phone, you will know immediately and will be able to correct the matter in a flash. Should the customer accidently delete your message and ask for a resend, you can redo the whole process in a matter of seconds. No extra printing and postage costs, and no waiting for weeks to receive it.

Having a reliable way to communicate with customers sends a strong message about your brand. Why not get reliable with Wholesale SMS from Integrat today?



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