Tips for Mobile Advertising beginners

So you have decided to try out Mobile Advertising for your business. Excellent choice! Now you are probably wondering how to navigate the mobile scene. We have a few tips that will make this easier for you.

Know the basics ad options

A mobile ad can consist of text alone or you can combine it with images and even sound. Text based ads will work on all mobile devices while those with pictures and jingles might only work on smartphones. An ordinary text ad looks a lot like the pay-per-click ads that normally appear on the top of a search page. An image ad is similar to a web-based banner ad that contains an image and is clickable.

Know your brand and target market

Your target market is always on the move – keep that in mind when designing your Mobile Advertising campaigns. You have to know the correct times to let your ad fly if you want to get maximum exposure. E.g. you will advertise dinner specials in the afternoon rather than in the morning when people are still thinking about lunch.

Choose the right mobile ad network

A mobile ad network is the platform you use to run your advertisement. Different networks will offer different options, so it is important that you choose the one best suited to your company’s needs. Some of the popular ones are: AdMob, Google Mobile Ads, InMobi, Jumptap, Mojiva etc. Compare things like their payment methods, capabilities and features, and scheduling options to find your perfect partner.

Know the different payment methods

There are different ways for you to cover the costs of your mobile ads. They are (but not limited to):

  • Pay per click: This is the most popular payment method. You only pay when consumers click on your ad.
  • Cost per impression: you pay each time your ad is displayed
  • Cost per install: you pay each time your app is installed
  • Cost per view: you pay each time a user views your video

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