Reach your target audience with mobile advertising

Reach your target audience with mobile advertising

Did you know that mobile advertising is the only marketing medium that can directly reach your target audience anytime, anywhere? Your customers can be reached with an effective mobile campaign at home, at work or when they are moving around. This opportunity is massive and cannot be ignored if you are interested in marketing your business.

Mobile text messages like SMS has a better open and read rate than email and because mobile devices like smartphones are personal, it’s the easiest and best way to start engaging with your target audience for your business. With a smart mobile advertising campaign you can reach millions of people in Africa alone as more people are using their mobile devices to connect to the internet than traditional connectivity means.

For businesses, it’s important that you keep in constant contact with your customers as this could mean repeat business. How are you currently communicating with your customers and target audience? You can use an email list and email them with special offers, coupons or discounts, but with all the competition floating around, it’s time to seek new ways of advertising your business and mobile could be your gateway to give you more access to your target audience.

Why mobile advertising?

Always on, always available: Your mobile device never leaves your pocket and it’s always on and always connected. It’s a direct link to your target audience.

Connect directly with your customers: You can connect directly with your target audience as they take their mobile devices everywhere they go. This can be a great method when you integrate mobile advertising with your current customer service and PR campaigns.

It’s affordable: Mobile advertising is affordable and it’s not only big brands with big budgets that can start a campaign on this medium.

If want to find more information on all the mobile advertising campaigns you can run in your business, contact us directly and we will be happy to help you start your campaign.



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