Opportunities with mobile advertising

Opportunities with mobile advertising

Around Africa mobile advertising campaigns and strategies are increasingly being implemented by small and large businesses due to its effectiveness. SMS marketing is a great method that is used for brand awareness campaigns and is used by many advertisers and brand owners for engagement. This way of marketing is one of the fastest and easiest methods to market your brand message to targeted demographics.

In Africa and around the globe the mobile adoption rate is tremendous. Almost everyone has a mobile device that can connect to the internet and in countries such as Nigeria, many people have more than one handset. Every year new and better handsets are released and if you think this is just a trend that will fade, think again. The mobile craze is here to stay and it’s not used just for a simple telephone anymore. It’s a complete communication device that is always connected and always on.  Take advantage of mobile growth by utilising these mobile device as advertising medium.

Target apps with mobile advertising

With mobile advertising you are not just restricted to SMS marketing, but can also target specific apps that are featured on smartphones. People are using their mobile handsets for more than just talking and music, games, videos and various social networking apps are used daily on these devices. Did you know that you can reach your target audience at the right time when they are using their mobile device?

To get this right, mobile advertising agencies such as InTarget can help you with your marketing message so that it can yield the best results. These messages are are powerful and influencing enough to motivate the recipients to read and act on it. A marketing message with no call to action is just a message, but a powerful message that entertains the reader enough for them to click on it is worth gold.

Mobile advertising shouldn’t be ignored as great medium to communicate your brand message to selected audiences. When you start with a mobile advertising campaign, you can target your target audience at anytime right in their pockets.

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