Mobile banner advertising for smartphones in 2015

Mobile banner advertising for smartphones in 2015

It’s 2015 and businesses that are looking for better brand exposure and to grow their customer base will most likely discover mobile advertising. This advertising medium is similar to online advertising with the exception that it’s for the mobile market. It makes sense for businesses to start with a mobile advertising campaign because they are targeting the always on, always connected device. It’s a massive industry as more people are accessing the internet from their mobile devices than traditional desktop connectivity. It will be foolish to miss this opportunity to tap into such a large global market.

There are many mobile advertising channels that you can choose from and when it comes to marketing to specific mobile devices, targeting smartphones is a great choice. Even though the adoption rate of smartphones in Africa is nothing compared to the USA and some countries in Europe, it’s still a massive base you can target in Africa. Smartphones are intuitive mobile devices that allows the user direct interaction with all the functionalities of the device. This means that these devices are not only used to send text messages and make phone calls, but used to download apps, surf the web, play games, listen to music, watch videos and engaging with their social circles. By taking advantage of mobile advertising on smartphones, you can basically take advantage of delivering your brand message directly to people when they are using their mobile devices – which is always.

Banner advertising on smartphones

It’s a fact that smartphones handle banner ads in a great way and this is an awesome advantage for brands that want to use banner ads in their marketing campaigns. Mobile device may not display traditional banner ads properly, and this might result in poor conversions and click through impressions so it’s important that you optimise your banner ads to be mobile friendly to get the best exposure from them.

Targeting smartphones with your mobile banner ads are great because your can use so much more than just a plain text link. There are many smartphones in use in Africa and the user base is massive, so the potential customer base your can target is high.

With mobile advertising there are many opportunities available that your brand can take advantage of immediately. There are millions of mobile friendly websites which are geared to run mobile ads. To gain access to these sites, contact InTarget mobile advertising to help you setup your smartphone marketing campaign to strengthen your overall marketing.



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