Mobile Advertising and marketing trends for 2015

What will 2015 hold for Mobile Advertising and marketing? One thing we know for sure is that the mobile approach will be receiving more attention in the boardroom. What other trends can be expected?

Video and display ads

This year might likely signal the start for mobile video and display ads to eventually take over television ads. Research shows that mobile users already spend most of their time watching videos. Last year, YouTube saw a 15% growth in mobile views – it now stands at about 40%. Should this growth continue, more than half of all viewers will come from mobile by 2016. In fact, the research group Magna Global predicts that Mobile Advertising spend will take over television ad spend by 2019.

The mobile customer journey

Not only advertisers but also designers will be turning their attention towards accommodating the mobile user. Emails and ads will be designed to be more responsive, websites will be mobile-friendly from start-up and more mobile content will be shared. Brands will be looking for better and smarter ways to get their message across while making it a pleasant experience for the mobile user.

Multiple marketing channels

While a “mobile first” approach sounds cool, clever marketers will realize that their audience still holds the key to successful marketing. Instead of putting a laser focus on Mobile Advertising alone, brands will make use of multiple marketing channels to get their message across. After all, not every single person in the world owns a Smartphone, yet. Until that happens, making use of multiple marketing channels is the best approach.

Mobile Marketing platforms

Mobile Marketing platforms will look to make the selling of advertising space easier. Things might seem a tad confusing and complicated for brands at the moment, but it will soon change as platforms introduce simpler and more effective advertising solutions.

Gadgets and technology

New gadgets like beacon- and wearable technology will grab the imagination of the mobile industry. This technology could help brands to gain better insight into consumer behaviour so they can up their Mobile Advertising game.



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