Increase your brand reach with mobile advertising

Increase your brand reach with mobile advertising

It’s 2015 and a fact that digital advertising is the future of growth for any business that are looking to increase their brand awareness online. Online advertising is busy overtaking traditional advertising methods and with huge advantages such as easier segmentation, targeting and measuring ROI, it’s here to stay.

Another medium that is starting to emerge is mobile advertising. This is a method of advertising via mobile devices where smart phones are mainly targeted but tablets also fall in this category. While mobile marketing is still relatively new especially in African and Middle East markets, due this mediums versatility, it’s in the pipeline to happen soon. The uniqueness of mobile advertising is it’s reach with the proliferation of lower-priced mobile phones and tablets entering the market.

Mobile and tablet usage is growing globally and there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon which makes these devices and an integral part of marketing especially if you are in a competitive market.

Benefits of mobile advertising

Reach: The reach of advertising via mobile is huge as more people are starting to access the internet from their mobile devices. Taking advantage of this now will definitely give your business an edge as this is not stopping anytime soon. The easiest method of mobile advertising is running SMS marketing campaigns where you can send uniquely crafted short messages to a list of users. The open rate of SMS is high as people will instantly receive a notification that they have received a new SMS.

Save money: With any marketing campaign, the costs involves always plays a big role. With mobile advertisements you can cover a huge targeted audience cost effectively. The costs involved with marketing this way is but a fraction of what you are paying for traditional advertising. This gives you more reach, more results, for less money.

Targeting: With online and mobile advertising you can narrow your target audience to specific demographics that you want to reach. This is an excellent way of crafting your marketing message to specific groups of people testing as you go along.

Measurement: Any online or mobile marketing campaign revolves around the return it produces. Analyzing what’s working and what is not is crucial to find out exactly where you should put your focus on. Everything regarding mobile advertising can be measured which will ensure you are getting the best ROI possible out of your campaigns.



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