How to build your Mobile Advertising offer

Mobile Advertising is about more than just cool images or occupying a kickass space online. It has to offer the consumer a reason to take action and turn into a loyal customer. How can you accomplish this?

Start with one offer

Decide what you want to offer your mobile audience. It could be anything from a discount on a product to a membership subscription, the arrival of new stock or directions to your website. Whatever you choose, start out with one offer (e.g. “We have new jackets in stock. Order yours now”).

Having only one offer will help you to nurture your Mobile Advertisement and make adjustments along the way. Maybe your customers aren’t that interested in your jackets and would rather hear about the shoes you have on sale. But you won’t know this if you have multiple offers in your ad.

A single offer will help you to effortlessly monitor your ad and gauge consumers’ reaction to it.

Multiple offers can be distracting and get confusing – for you and your potential customers. Juggling a number of offers at once could lead to advertisements that aren’t well thought out. It is better to have one offer that is a success rather than four that don’t deliver results.

Always have a strong call to action

The call to action in your Mobile Advertising tells consumers what you want them to do. (E.g. click here for more info/ place your order/ visit our website.) The stronger the call, the more likely consumers will feel compelled to follow it.

Elements of a good call to action are:

  • It creates a sense of urgency (If I don’t do it now, I will miss out!)
  • It evokes emotions and curiosity (I love those shoes; I need to find out more about this offer!)
  • It is a logical and natural step (You have read the ad, now click on it.)

Try to make your Mobile Advertising as unique as possible – even if there are ten other companies offering the exact same products/ services as you are. Put time, effort and careful planning into your campaigns and you will reap the rewards.



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