How musicians can rock out with SMS Marketing

Are you a solo act or part of a band? Did you know that you can use SMS Marketing to grow your fan base? It is as easy and cool as it sounds! This is how you can do it.

First you need your fans to sign up to receive text messages. Growing your opt-in list might take a while, but you have many tools in your arsenal to work with. Start by offering freebies for every sign up, for example two tickets to your show, a complimentary drink or t-shirts with the band’s logo on it. These are all inexpensive gifts, but will add value to your campaign. Use your Facebook fan page and Twitter to drive subscriptions without it costing you anything.

Once you have your SMS Marketing list, you can stay in touch with fans and draw bigger crowds to your show.

You can:

Send alerts: The fastest way to communicate with a large group of people is via texting. Now we don’t have to tell you that a lot of things can go wrong before a show resulting in delays or cancellation. Fans will feel less upset if they receive a short and fast explanation of what went wrong. But don’t only think about alerts in a negative way – you can also send messages when something awesome happens like the band signing up with a new sponsor or acquiring a record deal.

Promote a mystery tour: If you have made a name for yourself in the business, you know that fans will pitch up no matter where you play. Make it exciting by sending an SMS to fans just before you roll into town to alert them to your presence.

Promote merchandise: Notify fans when you have new merchandise in stock. Combine it with discount vouchers and send this exclusive offer via SMS Marketing. Friends of those on your opt-in list will soon want to opt-in as well when they see and hear about this.

Link to web content: Do you have a new music video, or maybe a song that your fans can download for free? Send them the link via text!



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