Does your brand understand the mobile marketing shift?

By now you probably know that Mobile Advertising and marketing are becoming a trend. But knowing the why and how will help you to better understand just how important it is to be part of this shift.

The more people get, the more they want – that is the main driving force behind mobile marketing. We started off with wired phones, then we got cellphones, and every time a new cellphone hit the market it was able to do a little more (and look much better) than it’s predecessor. As we get more functionality from our phones, we also expect more things to happen on it – especially on the consumer front.

Can you remember a time hen we didn’t have social media? It wasn’t so long ago, yes, but now both consumers and brands can’t live without it. Think about it: how many people can your brand reach via Facebook than it could when Facebook didn’t exist?

But, just like with anything new, some brands are still skeptical about the power of Mobile Advertising and marketing. In fact, some of them are still reluctant about embracing social media, and you can be sure they are feeling the loss in their bottom-line.

Kids get it, so why don’t we? As Steve Gardner said at 2014 DMX conference, you can see how kids understand the progression of mobile in the way they expect even a television screen to have a swipe functionality, because that is how their phones work.

But it doesn’t stop there. Brands also need to understand how to lure and keep their customers through Mobile Advertising and marketing. Mobile is a great way to foster relationships with customers that will go past a single purchase. Brands have to focus on offering consumers more than just a product or one type of service, they need to adopt a “one stop” or “all in one” approach if they want to flourish.

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