A list of important Mobile Advertising terms

Mobile Advertising has a language of its own, just like any other specialised field. Not sure what all those strange words mean? Have a look at our list.

IDFA (identifier for advertisers): In layman’s terms, this is a way for advertisers to gain insight into user behaviour. You can see what the user is viewing so you can make your ads more targeted. It doesn’t allow you to gather any personal or identifying info about the user.

RTB: (real time bidding): It is a method that a company can use to pay their advertising network for their services. Say you chose to pay the network for every impression (CPI) the value of this cost is determined through a bidding process. The advertiser who places the highest bid will have their ad displayed on the website.

Invoke URLs: Usually an ordinary URL in a Mobile Advertisement will take the user to the company’s website or mobile application. But what if the user wants to go to a specific page deeper in the website? Then this would be annoying, right? Not if you use an Invoke URL. Such a URL will help the user to skip unnecessary pages so they can end up where they really want to be. Invoke URLs are so smart that they can take a user who has already installed your app to a page deeper in your app, while (the same URL) will direct a user who hasn’t installed your app to the installation page first.

SSP (supply-side platform): A system that helps the mobile advertising network to better manage and sell their inventory to advertisers.

DSP (demand-side platform): A system that enables advertisers to buy the advertising space from a range of suppliers.

Fingerprint matching: It is a process that allows the Mobile Advertiser to determine which individual ad and which publisher lead a user to take action. It takes into account (after the clicking happened) things like the user’s IP address, device brand, country code etc. Because no real personal information is gathered, fingerprint matching isn’t an exact science, but it is pretty close.



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