5 Ways art galleries can use Bulk SMS Marketing

Art galleries have a niche target market and reaching out to them isn’t always easy. But it doesn’t have to be. With Bulk SMS, you can effortlessly win and keep the interest of your patrons (and artists) – without spending a fortune.

Growing your opt-in list

Giving away freebies is the best way to get people to sign up for your contact list. But what on earth can you give away – definitely not a painting! It is time to reach out to your affiliates or create new business relationships. Start of by thinking about the interests of your target market – what would they like to receive? Pairing wine and art is an excellent idea. Get in touch with a local winery and ask them to sponsor a few bottles of wine that you can give away for free. In return, invite them to your next exhibition so they can promote their goods.

Sending invites

Bulk SMS marketing is cheap and can reach hundreds of people at once. What better way to let people know about your next art exhibition.

Getting to know the artists

Most artists have their own websites with info about themselves and examples of their work. Put a link in your message that will take the receiver to the artist’s online profile so they can learn more about him/ her. It might just influence a patron’s purchasing decision or inspire them to bring along people they know will appreciate the artist’s work.

Giving feedback

Send a SMS to your patrons to thank them for their attendance – it shows that you care and will certainly be the cherry on top of an enjoyable evening. If you held a charity event or a number of paintings were sold, why not give subscribers a brief summary of the success of the event the following day.

Sending alerts

Did something go wrong at the last minute and you have to cancel or schedule a new time? You need to reach your patrons and artists as quickly as you can. Instead of calling people up one by one, let your Bulk SMS messages do the talking.



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